36 months of cooperation around the atomic clock through main events.

Date Event Location Info
2012-05-11 Final Review Meeting Brussels In the Commission offices (exact location and doc will be uploaded in a while)
2012-03-26 3Y Final Review Meeting(internal) EPFL University Co-organized by OSA Preparation of the Final Meeting in Bruxelles (May-11th)
2011-09-26th Status on the Alternative Demonstrator Development Neuchatel (Swizterland) Practical Information provided by OSA
2011-09-26 Status on the Alternative Demonstrator Development Neuchatel - Switzerland - organized by OSA at Oscilloquartz SA Brevards 16 Neuchatel CH-2002 Meeting from 8.30- 17.00 preleminary agenda (before feed-back from the commission)
2011-09-26 key information (practical) Neuchatel - OSA Time table for the different meeting and addresses
2011-09-26 PP of Int Rev Meeting at neuchatel Oscilloquartz, Neuchatel
2011-09-25th Hotel subcription file Hotel des Arts (Neuchatel) Please fill this form if you are attending the meeting and need a reservation of hotel (busy period for Neuchatel)
2011-09-16 Demonstrator-Finalization ENSMM (France) Improvements on the demonstrator
2011-09-07 Improvement of the demonstrator EPFL- Unine Work on the demonstrator
2011-08-26 Euripides Project discussion Besancon (France) OSA & UFC : discussion on the strategy of validation
2011-06-14 COWIN workshop Helsinki - Finland 3 day workshop COWIN marketplace and individual meetings In the Euripides Program financed by the CE - conference organized to promote the valorarization of Streps program Minuts will be provided by OSA/Mr Hamelin (CE) and UFC.
2011-05-27 Alternative demonstrator delivery UniNe Neuchatel (CH) The alternative demonstrator built in ENSMM is finalized and delivered to EPFL & UniNE.
2011-03-29 Minutes+PP presentations - Technical Meeting CEA Grenoble
2011-03-28 3 Year Intermediate Meeting Maison Minatec 3, Parvis Louis Neel 38000 Grenoble Contact : M.Leprado agenda to be uploaded
2011-03-28 practical info for the 3Y intermediate meeting Minatec in Grenoble some convenient pieces of information
2010-11-18 2nd Year Review Meeting ENSMM Salle Edgar Faure Rue de l'Epitaphe Besançon Meeting starting from 8 a.m
2010-11-17 Rehearsal of Y2 Review Meeting Laboratoire Optique Batiment E 16, route de Gray 25000 Besancon Meeting starting from 12.00
2010-10-07 2nd Y meeting EPFL Neuchâtel (Suisse) Last information provided by Steve Tanner about the meeting
2010-10-07 2nd Year Meeting EPFL Neuchâtel (CH) Meeting sur 2 journées avec tenue du GA/MST le 8 matin
2010-10-06 2nd Wall Coating Session Oganized by EPFL-SAMLAB Rue Jacquet-Droz 1 Neuchatel Agenda : 16:00-18:30
2010-05-27 "Wall coating" meeting UFC de Franche-Comté Route de Gray Work shop between Unine/EPFL/Femto to achieve a work plan on coating.
2010-04-27 Demonstrator Work session ENSMM Besançon (FR) Swatch/Ufc work session about the possibililty to built a demonstrator
2010-04-14 Student award Brussels Ahmed Al-Samaneh won the Best Student Paper Award of the Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics Conference within SPIE Photonics Europe 2010.
2010-03-31 2nd Intermediate Meeting University Of Ulm 2 day meeting 31 march/1st april please be available for the meeting
2010-02-17 First Year Review Meeting Brussells (Belgium) 29 Beaulieu BU29 Brussels Agenda /
2010-02-16 Practical information Brussels Locations and contacts
2010-02-16 rehearsal of RM Maison Bourgogne/FComte
2010-01-18 Metrology session Neuchatel (Suisse) at LTF-UNINE. UNINE & UFC work on buffer gas with evaluation of cells
2009-11-25 Agenda of MAC-TFC meeting on Mini-cells UniNE, Neuchâtel
2009-10-06 First Year Meeting SAES Getters Lainate ITALY Detailed agenda of the meeting (last updating: 05/10/2009
2009-10-06 First Year Meeting - practical information Lainate Italy Inf. about hotels, social events and organization
2009-04-27 packaging workshop Oulu Finland meeting Agenda will be given by Antti + draft of minutes
2009-04-21 EFTF-IFCS joint meeting Besançon Proceedings will be loaded when available Abstract are available on:
2009-03-04 6-month technical meeting & GA/MST meeting LTF, UniNE, Neuchatel, Switzerland Discussion on managment, administration and technical aspects f proposal
2008-11-21 MAC-TFC Technical Workshop PWR, Technical Workshop, POLAND Discussion on technical challenges and goals of MACTFC
2008-11-05 Synergy meeting between FEMTO/UFC and UniNE FEMTO-ST, Besançon, FRANCE Discussion on workpackages WP1/WP2 and technological aspects
2008-08-27 Kick-off meeting FEMTO-ST, UFC, 25000 Besançon, FRANCE Start of MAC-TFC project (link to D1)